Controlling Buildings: A New Frontier in Feedback
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Controlling Buildings: A New Frontier in Feedback
Controlling Buildings: A New Frontier in Feedback1

Author: B.F. Spencer, Jr. and Michael K. Sain | Size: 584 KB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: Special Issue of the IEEE Control Systems Magazine on Emerging Technology | Year: Vol. 17, No. 6, pp. 19–35, December 1997 | pages: 19

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The protection of civil structures, including their material contents
and human occupants, is without doubt a world-wide priority
of the most serious current importance. Such protection
may range from reliable operation and comfort, on the one
hand, to survivability on the other. Examples of such structures
leap to one’s mind, and include buildings, offshore rigs, towers,
roads, bridges, and pipelines. In like manner, events which
cause the need for such protective measures are earthquakes,
winds, waves, traffic, lightning, and—today, regrettably—deliberate
acts. Indications are that control methods will be able to
make a genuine contribution to this problem area, which is of
great economic and social importance. In this paper, we review
the rapid recent developments which have been occurring in the
area of controlled civil structures, including full-scale implementations,
actuator types and characteristics, and trends toward
the incorporation of more modern algorithms and

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