Recent research advances on the dynamic analysis of composite shells: 2000–2009
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Recent research advances on the dynamic analysis of composite shells: 2000–2009
Recent research advances on the dynamic analysis of composite shells: 2000–2009

Author: Mohamad S. Qatu; Rani Warsi Sullivan; Wenchao Wang | Size: 597 KB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: Elsevier | Year: 2010 | pages: 18

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Laminated composite shells are frequently used in various engineering applications in the aerospace,
mechanical, marine, and automotive industries. This article follows a previous book and review articles
published by the leading author (Qatu, 2004, 2002, 1989, 1992, 1999 [1–5]). It reviews most of the
research done in recent years (2000–2009) on the dynamic behavior (including vibration) of composite
shells. This review is conducted with emphasis on the type of testing or analysis performed (free vibration,
impact, transient, shock, etc.), complicating effects in material (damping, piezoelectric, etc.) and
structure (stiffened shells, etc.), and the various shell geometries that are subjected to dynamic research
(cylindrical, conical, spherical and others). A general discussion of the various theories (classical, shear
deformation, 3D, non-linear etc.) is also given. The main aim of this review article is to collate the
research performed in the area of dynamic analyses of composite shells during the last 10 years, thereby
giving a broad perspective of the state of art in this field. This review article contains close to 200

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