Bridge's I-Girder - Posttensioned - AASHTO HS20-44 - SI
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.rar   PC-I-Girder-Posttensioned-HS20-44-SI.rar (Size: 36.54 KB / Downloads: 1,023)

1.Excel file is editable.
2.Anyone found any bugs, you can fix it.
3.If you revised to a better one, please share it here.
Good Job,
If you can provided calculation for Post-tensioned checking to BS5400 would be highly appreciated.. Thanks a lot..
Edit file yourself.
I've never used BS5400 in my real works.
pls define abrevation graphically or in text it would help in understanding
The file is self-explanation.
Please open file and see, it was not locked. You can see everything inside.
If you do not understand how to design bridge simple span girder conforming to AASHTO, please go back to basic studying for it.
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Dear Kowheng

I've tried your excelsheet however i just want to clarify several things
1. In your weight calculation i see 3% increase is it based on code or just practice habit?
2. cmiiw, you assumed symmetrical tendon position in your calculation and one live end?


1. % increase was prepared for deck slab formwork loads + designer judgement.
2. Symetrical tendon profile was used, you can use both/one end stressing.
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