Fatigue Strength of Riveted Bridge Members
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Fatigue Strength of Riveted Bridge Members
Fatigue Strength of Riveted Bridge Members

Author: John W. Fisher, Ben T. Yen, Dayi Wang | Size: 1.27 MB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: ASCE | Year: 1990 | pages: 14

[Image: info.png]

Available experimental data frorm more than 1,200 previous fatigue
tests and some fatigue and fracture tests on full-scale members are compiled and
examined in conjunction with the details and measured live load stresses in riveted
bridges. It is found that the type of riveted detail does not significantly affect
fatigue resistance, that AASHTO fatigue strength category D is a reasonable lower
bound for the initial fatigue crack development, and that the fatigue strength of a
riveted built-up member effectively exceeds the category C resistance curve. It is
also found that the primary members in riveted highway bridges seldom are subjected
to stress ranges that exceed the category D fatigue limit, and thus are not
likely to develop fatigue cracks. The riveted details most likely to develop cracks
are those subjected to distortion or displacement-induced stresses at connections.
Corrosion can reduce the fatigue resistance, but the effect is not critical if the
minimum remaining thickness is not less than one-half of the original thickness.
Recommendations are made for rating riveted highway bridges for fatigue damage.

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