Fatigue and Fracture of Riveted Bridge Members
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Fatigue and Fracture of Riveted Bridge Members
Fatigue and Fracture of Riveted Bridge Members

Author: E. Bruhwiler, I. F. C. Smith and M. A. Hirt | Size: 1.5 MB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: ASCE | Year: 1990 | pages: 17

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Estimates of remaining fatigue life and development of rational maintenance
strategies for riveted bridges are hindered by a lack of knowledge of their
resistance to fatigue and fracture. This paper presents results of fatigue tests of
three types of full-scale riveted bridge girders. If stresses are calculated using netsection
areas, detail category European Convention for Construction Steelwork
(ECCS) 71 American Association of State Highway Traffic Officials [(AASHTO)D]
provides a reasonable estimate of fatigue strength of mildly corroded steel and
wrought-iron elements. Also, the maximum shear stress range in rivets should not
exceed 14 ksi (100 MPa). Fracture properties of wrought iron are examined in
tests of Charpy specimens and fatigue-cracked plates. Fracture toughness of wrought
iron may be low and consequently it is important to obtain data corresponding to
the material employed in the bridge under assessment. If toughness is low, other
factors that contribute to critical crack length (e.g., built-in stresses, geometry,
and loading) become important, since critical crack lengths may not be detectable
under certain conditions. Finally, a two-criteria approach for determination of critical
crack lengths has been identified to be useful for civil engineering structures.

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