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[Request] Rename Software Problems section
Dear all,

Many users are confused by the term Software Problems.
To make everyone life easier my suggestion is to rename:
Software Problems
Software Installation Problems & Bugs

While observing users behavior I discovered that:
- many of them try to place in the appropriate section of the Software Problems thread their request for engineering help (how to use software). e.g. One doesn't know how to define a frame is sap2000 so he asks in CSI Problems thread.
- many don't read the warnings placed everywhere regarding the purpose of Software Problems section (BennyP has most of them everywhere)
- many get warnings and explanations but they somehow forget

If possible to rename I believe this change will make a difference.

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Not only the warnings placed everywhere but placing the cursor on title you can see

[Image: 06170851977563622994.gif]

Anyway, renaming is a good idea even if i believe some people here will continue to think if they don't know how to use a program this is software problem.
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Good idea, as i've been very confused.


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Thanks for your suggestion,

your suggestion was approved and we renamed it.
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