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Software Torrent Section
Hi Admin and Moderators,

I'd like to suggest to start torrent section for Software and Books. It would be much easier to download large items.

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Hi all,
Thats really thoughtful of Zbizafar... Go ahead..

Cheers :JC_cheers:

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I love torrent sites in fact I download most of the softwares from torrent sites because I don't have a premium account with rapidshare or major upload site.
But like I said in another thread concerning this topic, torrent sites face huge legal battles and owners of sites sites have faced millions of dollar fines due to copyright violations. Case studies include Piratebay and mininova.

In my humble opinion, We don't need to have our own torrent site, there are lots of torrent sites out there where users can upload the material and then share such links with the rest.
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