[Request] Dwg File Printed PDF with Option of Turning Layers On/Off
Hi everyone,

I remember i did received before the PDF that have the option to turn the layers Off/On.
I presume it was printed from a CAD program.

Anyone who know how to do it please assist.
Thanks in advance.
Dear Devil_Red,

for the recent version of AutoCAD (2013, 2012, 2011, ... probably 2010 and 2009):

FILE --> PLOT (or control + P) --> in Ploter/Printer Name, choose: PDF Report Writer --> etc, etc,...

That's All!

Good plotting job!

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Thanks Dell_Brett

My personal preferred PDF browser is PDF X-Change.
The layers doesn't work in that. However, It works fine in Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader also has the ability to view a 3D PDF (a function also not available in X-Change).

The reason i choose X-change is that it come with the cloud / comment function in free version.
Would be glad if anyone can suggest PDF browser (free edition) that come with all above function.

If not then, will have to stay contended with 2 browser.

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