New logo/banner for CivilEA
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New logo/banner for CivilEA
(05-07-2012, 01:36 AM)eng donny Wrote: The logo's colour shall be like a wolrd unity representative, ie: UNO flag.
Completely disagree !Angry United Nations Organization is a parasite non-democratic structure that most of the time forces the poor nations to follow the commercial interests of.. guess who! It was created with the aim to redistribute the colonies of participants in the Second World War. Usually the assemblies of UNO in the last 30 years are to constitute every war that started, and are finishing with ridiculous resolutions that allow killing of people.
UNO has nothing common with engineering, so I can't see any reason to expect that UNO will "unite" the civil engineers in this form. One can suggest to use the US or UK flag as a color scheme, as the official language of the forum corresponds to these countries, and 90% of the materials here are from these countries - and this would be more reasonable than choosing UN.

I like greenish appearance as it doesn't distract reader's attention when reading the text contents of the posts. And I don't think the color scheme is a big problem, as any forum engine can support several themes and color schemes that can be chosen by the user. It is a preference of the host/administrator of the forum to choose whatever he likes. If he wants to create something distinguishing appearance, and show his friends: "folks, take a look how stylish and fashionable my forum is" - why some of us should argue - this is his vision and his motivation to maintain the forum.
By the way, a alternative light color scheme (dark text on bright background is more easy to read, especially on mobile devices outdoor).

I suppose that the idea of this thread is to give a lot of suggestions and I am sure one of these will be brilliant and will create some style of the forum appearance. Nevertheless, the most important thing of the forum is its contents, not appearance.
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I think in reality, there are designers out there and they do fine job. Preparing a logo should be done by them. If we have a choice to vote , that would be nice also. Simple is always the best.
Regards for all CivilEAns
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Dear All;

Thanks for your discussion and works and excuse me for delay reply.
We prefer simple logo as existing logo please work on this and become it more expert.
this logo should suitable for our other services like pic host and postgenerator and also leecher link site (exclusive for VIPs).
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I think I will have a go with this and try making several logos.I will be posting them next week on Friday probably.
Hey guys.I made a few drawings of an idea I had.Let me know if you have any ideas for improvements.
[Image: 35151617108745255877.jpg]
[Image: 72318566729255897390.jpg]
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So what do you guys think...Should the logo be changed or should the present appearance be preserved
we can try your logo, please send me your native file to implement it and test
So when will the new logo be implemented?I'm curious about how would it look on the site :)

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