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Active users
Admin and the forum staff decided to downgrade all users having less than 3 posts in forum and to move they in a new group named Need Activation. Don't forget, we don't count any post (as Happy New Year and alike).
All users in this group can subscribe to one of Yellow or Green Subscriptions (1 year or 2 years).

We decided to exclude from the free use of forum all users spending the time here and only leeching. Some users think if they login in forum every week they are active and this is enough for being a member of the forum (we received such messages from some disappointed users). As I told to one of users, it's a great honor for us if he login, download and exploit only the forum but it's not enough.

Every user must if he can't post a new thread in software or books sections at least to add a mirror to an existing link, can help users in Engineering Problems or Software Problems. An engineering forum is a place to share knowledge not only to take from others.

We know the posts count sometimes give more than the real number and every time we will see user having more than 2 posts but his posts are useless, only requests and noting else he will be downgraded even if the system doesn't move him automatically
in the Need Activation group.

We have here many users with dozens of requests and nothing else. You are in our sight and if you don't want to be downgraded this is the time to become active.

Active is not posting garbage (the only result will be warnings) but to contribute and share with others.

If you want to be inactive and only to exploit this forum you must pay because the forum costs money to Admin and we the active users don't like to wait and to receive errors because the forum is crowded by leechers increasing the load in server.
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Today 10 users were downgraded and included in Need Activation group. I remind to all users to read the previous post and to decide what they want - to be active or to be downgraded.
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In 29.03.2012 another 11 users were downgraded for the same reason.
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