Use Post Generator to REQUEST
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Use Post Generator to REQUEST
Dear Admin.
Let me breakdown what I do when I want to get user's request.
1. Open Link given by user(if available), if not then I have to use google to search.
2. Login to my ezproxy site
3. Open approriate sites
4. Type or copy name of request journal(not always), many of Journal sites like ASCE, Elsevier, Wiley, I have to open one by one link to get it. For example, Journal ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, 1998, Issue 2, then get the title(I need 4 click to get file. No, actually sometime more than 6 click).
5. Download file
6. Check The file(Some journal or standard have mark at the bottom of file(IP address). I aware if someone know my IP(especially journal provider or author of journal) then he could report to Journal provider and my IP(my university) get banned). So, my solution is remove the mark at each page of file(sometime I have to remove SECURE of file first like British Standard and ASCE). Imagine if the journal/standard has hundreds of pages or user have 5 request file or moreSad, I need hundreds of mouse click to remove one by one of its mark.
7. After That then I compress the files into 1 file(if need and impossible).
8. set password(sometime, especially for Standard or Journal Collection)
9. Upload file(consume time, especially when my speed get slower, uploading process getting failure and failure).
10. Take screenshot of file
11. Upload to civilea imagehost
12. Open post generator
13. Search information about article(If not then I will get warned from moderator and 10 warning will make me banned from this forum)
14. Fill infomation(Title, size, isbn etc, etc and many more) to post generator
15. share in forum.

Maybe, there are still many steps I skip from above.

Now, let me breakdown what requester do when he want to request.
1. Search on google
2. Copy the title
3. copy the link(if he want. If not then moderator will not warn him)
4. post in forum(without post generator is not a problemFrustrated)
5. Go away from this forum then comeback tomorrow and find his request has been answer
6. download
7. Go away and never shared
8. request again
9. request again
10. request again
11. request again

I really love to share, really. But Look, it's really not fair.

I just want one request for you.
have the user who want request to use post generator. Maybe we need more post generator especially in request.
by this way, It will help me and other user to get request file. Our request section will get more clear than before.
I have one simple good request. Look image below
[Image: 61725172166463219631.png]

It's a good request I think.
Sorry for disturb you AdminSad
An Engineer must have a SIX sense
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Very nice idea!

Why not extends to books too this possibility? I only add "ISBN NUMBER"
It's the fastest way to find some book. Of course, fill blank if requesting journal, article or similar.


Dell Brett
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^ we are working on postgenerator now, we want to update it and add more feature to it. your idea will be consider on it,

and about sharing, I`m agree with you. but users should pay for subscription to use forum feature but good user with sharing material are excluded. any way we want to add new feature exclusive for active members in future.
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I wish someone in forum can tell me how to upload as well as mirror. i am only a user but do not how to upload a book or a software to this forum. I would like to share with others. Again like others sometime at the rural area site where i cant access the internet or onleave for few weeks with family for a break. In fact i am already near 60 years old. Learning will never end and i like learning and keep on moving on. I like this forum and i do learn and read a lot for those put their effort and hardwork in this forum. I do thanks to these people for their kind heart to share with others. Sometimes i do feel tire after work but i will still make time to go in this forum to read and learn from those who share in this forum. Civilea forum is the best and hope will grow bigger and bigger.
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It is very simple. You have to read some rules.
Content of this section is hidden, You must be registered and activate your account to see this content. See this link to read how you can remove this limitation:

It akes you only few miinutes to read them.If you follow them you will be able to upgrade your account and become a very good user maybe the best and that means you will become a VIP.
Keep on working.
Always do what you are afraid to do...
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Hello Andrew seah.

If you do not know how to upload, then you can watch this video
Content of this section is hidden, You must be registered and activate your account to see this content. See this link to read how you can remove this limitation:

If you need more guide, don't hesitate to ask(by PM or post in open forum)
An Engineer must have a SIX sense
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It's more than a year since I post this thread. Any news?
An Engineer must have a SIX sense
^ unfortunately new features on post generators make serious problem with our tests so we forced to forgot it. after we involved on transferring site to new host.
sorry for very long delay, we`ll try to implement some suggestion on post generator soon.

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