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Ebook Post Generator
Dear Admin. I have some minor suggestion for you about Ebook Post Generator.
Maybe you can add additional information to post generator like

Quality of book? Is it searchable, scan quality or what?. maybe you can add rate dropdown like 3(highest) for searchable text and 1 for scan copy book.

Is it bookmark? the answer only yes and no. you can just add check book to this item.

Thanks you and regards.
An Engineer must have a SIX sense
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Thanks mybest for your participation and sharing your opinion in our forum! It´s really nice!

I have another point of view about this:

1- I know that this kind of information is useful, important and add value for any post!

2- But, my motto is: Keep it Simple! Why? Any new user, including most of regular user, think it isn´t simple to use the postgenerator! So, if we increase the number of information to be posted, associated with the fear that most have to make mistakes and so be warned, can generate disincentive to participate in this forum.

3- Good and experienced user, like Grunf for example, spontaneously will add this information and THIS EXAMPLE, certainly will be duplicated by other good users! This is an natural method to increase the efficiency (we say: following a model - modeling).

Consequently, we have to faces: A simple template for regular users and newbies, and examples of good posts to be duplicated by experienced and committed to the forum users.

It´s only my point of view! My deal is a professional, well organized and clean forum, but easy to use, friendly and a place that everyone fell good to navigate. No fear, no pressure!

Thanks again for your participation, good activity in our forum and one more time my wishes of a Happy New Year.

Dell Brett
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Let me add some thoughts. Usually if anybody is interested in a book - it is the title of the book that is the most important. Then he downloads the book and sees what it is inside.

One of the major problems is: "Do I have already this book on my computer?". Sometimes we can't remember exactly the book title, especially when there are several books with almost the same title (believe me, this can happen very often). Then we use our visual memory to remember what the front page looked - mostly it's picture.

I think enough is done to help the forum users: we get a lot of information from the present template. Considering that the large part of the books here are directly transferred from other sources (forums, websites), sometimes without even searching if this book is already present in our forum, and I am sure - without even opening the book to see how it looks like inside - could we dare to ask for additional information? Of course this depends on the user!

For me personally there is sometimes problem with one and the same book, but from different sources. I.e. if we have already download a poor scanned copy of a book, and we see the same title in the forum with better quality, then we should download it instead of the poor one we already have.

That is why I can add only two suggestions:

1. To rename the label "eBook Format:" to "File type:"

2. To add new (not mandatory) field "Source type:" with at least the following options:
  • Unspecified / unknown (this to be the default)
  • Original preprint
  • Scanner
  • Photo camera

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Good points ynopum!

For your first paragraph, there´s a discussion and some opinions about. see post:
Content of this section is hidden, You must be registered and activate your account to see this content. See this link to read how you can remove this limitation:


Regarding the suggestions:
1- Sounds good! More explicit!
2- As I sad, advanced users will do it spontaneously... Pay attention that some (good) members do it - Copy quality score, for example. But, still a nice suggestion!.

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One suggestion if I may,
In drop down list "eBook Format:" ad ePub file type.

Thank you and Cheers,
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Posgenerator Updated according to your suggestion.Wink
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Dear Admin,

In "File Type", don´t forget to add "epub" file extension. Certainly will be common in a near future.

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^ Postgenerator V2.2.0 will be released soon that contain your Note.
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