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I am Paul junior structural engineer (just around 1 year exp) in Trinidad and Tobago. I have a BASc specializing in structural engineering and i am currently studying for my MSc in Civil Engineering at the University of the West Indies. I have a bit exp with designing RC and Steel Structures and using Staad Pro. I also produce detailed structural drawings using Revit Structure for my company.

I am here to continue to learn about my profession, as i realise it is a never ending process. Hopefully I can have long spanning successful careers as some of the ladies and gentlemen on this forum.
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Hello i am siamak. I'm a civil engineering student in UK. Doing their dissertation on the vertical loading of pile groups using experimental and software methods . I am in my final year and would like to move to Scotland for permanent residence to study subsea engineering MSc at Aberdeen university, and later join the oil industry. I'm half Iranian and half Portuguese, and glad to see so many engineers who are Iranian :)
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Hello colleagues. My name is JH.Shim, a civil engineer from Korea. I'm in Seoul "Gangnam". My major is the wind load applied on long span bridge but now I'm a civil engineer of thermal power plant.
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hi everybody... i'm Raúl from México...
i´m a civil engineer and i have been practice and work structural design from 15 years...
this is the most best site for civil eng... in mexico we saiy: chingón...
long life for CivilEA
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As-salamu aleykum everyone;

I am a MSc. Structural Engineer from Turkey. I have 4 years of experience about steel and RC structures. I like developing VBA spreadsheets about structural engineering, generally based on Eurocode 3 and ACI-318.

Feel free to ask if you need any help.
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I'm John and I'm a structural engineer in the US. I just discovered this forum and am loving the community here. Let's share our know-how and keep the world safe!
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Hello all ! In the light of above requests, Im nost sure did I introduce all of this. So here it is my introduction again:
Country: Bosnia and Hercegovina
Education: Master in civil engineering, constructions
Civil engineering field? Usual structural, but in request of my company I colud do Geotechnic, Roads, Pipes and etc.
Codes you using? Usualy ex Yugoslavian JUS codes, as request Eurocodes
How could you know about CivilEA? Hmmm I was searching on net for something like this I am.
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Hi everybody,

I´m civil engineer, educated as Master in civil engineering, field, hydraulics. Working last two years, mostly on plumbing & drainage, and road design jobs. In design usually using European (HR)EN, German DIN and Eurocodes.

CivilEA is great place to share information and to learn new things in the profession.
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Hello Everyone...My name is Emre and I am structural design group chief in one of Turkish Companies from İstanbul/Turkey.
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I am a Civil Engineer from Tegucigalpa, Honduras Central America. I am 66 years old
Three years ago I completed my mastery of structures via virtual. At the moment I need a thesis that has to do with insulators in buildings to serve as a guide to be able to develop my thesis. Time is running out and I'll thank you for your help on it. Thank you
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