[SUGGESTION] Rules Language
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[SUGGESTION] Rules Language
Dear Administrator,
I have a small suggestion regarding the wording of the revised Rules as posted today.

My suggestion is as follows:

Here is the newest version (v.2) of this Forum Rules:

1- You must use the POST GENERATOR for posting a new Thread that references to new material.

2- Transparent Links are not allowed; all links must be put in code tags.

3- If you are in agreement (or agree) with a post use the Thanks/Agree button. Any post that includes thanks only will be deleted & that user will receive a warning.

4- If anyone uses 2 or more user names in this Forum he/she will be banned from the Forum.

5- If you create a Thread with information from another site or place, please provide a reference in your post.

6- Don't duplicate requests of books, software, etc. in the Thread.
Yours truly, gulilero
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Thanks for those corrections. I agree those should be corrected. Please, if you have spare time, can you make corrections to sections and subsections titles and descriptions as well. It would be great to have a good spelling and corrections of the forum writtings noted here - we'll do ours best to make changes and corrections to the forum as soon as possible.

Few times we discussed about the sub-section name: Non-International Code - what can you say about it. I think it should be changed in to something like Non-English Codes or something like that.

With regards,
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