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Files language
after reading rules, policy and some Q&A, comments threads I don´t know if it is allowed to upload files, ebooks, manuals, codes, etc in spanish or english is the only language for everything.
Unless my working tongue is galician, the most part of my suitable material for uploading to the forum is in spanish.
In the other hand, congratulations for this unbelievable forum. I apologize for my improvable english. We are working on that matter.
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Dear Mnovo:
The language for posting is English, no other one.
Why? Is the international language. We have inside the Forum people from Iran, France, USA, Peru, Turkey, Serbia, Poland, North Korea, Indonesia, China, Russia, India, Australia, Belgium, Colombia, Venezuela, Japan as well, but only I mentioned a part of Countries. I think I have mentioned 12 languages at least. Can you imagine if each member post his/her books in his/her language? A Babel Tower!
My mother tongue is Spanish, but I have to use the English to communicate anything inside the Forum. My grammar is not so good, but I try to do my part here. I can't wait nothing less from others in the Forum.
And, yes, that Forum is the best Civil Engineering Forum on Internet. If you want to be part of us, please, just follow the Rules... And let me encourage you to participate more and more in our Forum
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Ok, I wonder if there is an ebooks index list to look for some ebooks and so avoid post them again.
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hi mnovo,
to avoid to post any threads (books,software,etc.) again we use the search-option.
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