Best file sharing server?
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Best file sharing server?
Dear All members,

Now I would like to purchase the premium right to download the file from the online file sharing. I tries for 3 days, I found many problem with them, 1/3 of download files need to proceed many times, as those files need to transfer to their server before we could resumable download to our PC.

It took long time to transfer the download files to their sever, before we could download, and 30% link are unable to load to their sever.

If purchase fileserve, some of our link in the forum does not include fileserve.

Please suggest the best file sharing server for me!

Best regards,

Not an easy question.
I used Rapidshare for a long time. Almost every thing i want to download included a link to Rapidshare and most of the links i posted here was there. One day they changed the method and invented the Rapids. I'm not sure this was the only reason but quickly many people stop to use Rapidshare, no links and even uploading there was slower. I still pay for my Premium account because about 10 GB are files with links posted for sharing here.
I bought a Premium account on Hotfile and i use it now for uploading files for this forum.
No one deleted my files but they began to download ilegal content reported and people stop using the Hotfile, less links in share sites so even if i continue to use it for uploading, if i want to download i need a server with more links. So i bought an account in Fileserve and i hope it will continue to work.
How to choose a sharing server ? As i said, not an easy question. As you see the best became the worse and no one can know. If you want only to download use fileshare and fileserve but if you want to upload and to be sure it will be continue to be better than others i can't give you a good advice.
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I can recommend you filesonic. Now more and more popular. More and more files for download apears on filesonic. Look at site like avaxhome, etc. Upload to filesonic is effective. But the best file sharing site in my opinion is 4shared. Your files never will be removed, even when you have standard account (not premium). Only you removes your files. Ifile and mediafire is for free, But your files on ifile and mediafire can be dead after 2-3 months.
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As filesonic, WUpload starts to be popular and, nowadays sounds effective.
I have several 4Shared free accounts, and, after 6 months of inactivity, they send me a e-mail requesting some action! Very nice!
I totally agree with BennyP comments too!


Dell Brett
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if you want to download only(not for storage file) I thinks this link below can the best solution
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I think FileSonic is good because of they have lifetime premium member just $149 only. You can use FileSonic as your storage. At least you can download my 1400 links in this forum with speed not less than 200 kb/s (with "JDownloader" + 10 segments).

For cheap site, I suggest "BuFiles" as it costs $20/year with unlimited space and downloads. Downloading speed with "JDownloader+10 segments" is around 150 kb/s, not bad. This site, you can upload free "leech" 500 GB/day from 2Shared, FileServe and Megaupload.

I have lifetime premium FileSonic, FileServe and BuFiles. FileSonic links here is always alive except it was deleted by copyright abuse.

I hope my comments will help.
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i think ifile , mediafire and 2shared are the best
Hi everybody,

There is no best sharing server. It depends of what are you seeking for.
In my experience, rapidshare contains a large variety: you can find films, software, e-book; and a search from "Filecrop" website is rather good.
Otherwise, 4shared contains more scientific goods. Mediafire has a high bitrate in file transfer, etc.
So it is up to your need.


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