The Ready Mixed Concrete Industry LEED Reference Guide
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The Ready Mixed Concrete Industry LEED Reference Guide
The Ready Mixed Concrete Industry LEED Reference Guide

Size: 6 MB | Format: PDF | Publisher: RMCI | Year: 2005 | pages: 86

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Of all the green building design and construction evaluation programs in the Unites States, the United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED Rating System is the most widely adopted standard. Public and private companies, government agencies, trade groups, and other entities throughout the United States construction industry have adopted LEED as the standard for determining a building’s degree of sustainability. Recognizing the importance of LEED, NRMCA, PCA, and the RMC Research Foundation commissioned the
development of a LEED Reference Guide that could be used by architects, developers, clients, builders, manufacturers, suppliers, and others in the construction industry to determine how the use of ready mixed concrete can contribute to sustainable building.
The resulting document presents a detailed discussion of the LEED program, how LEED points are assigned, how material uses and construction methods must be documented, and what issues must be carefully considered in using ready mixed concrete to enhance a building’s sustainability.
Potential LEED points gained through the use of ready mixed concrete are discussed in the following areas: stormwater management; landscape paving; minimizing energy use; optimizing energy performance; managing construction waste; recycled content; use of regional materials; use of certified wood; innovation in design; site-wide VOC reduction; and reduction in the use of portland cement. The document also covers plant waste water disposal; on-site wash water disposal; solid waste; and site protection. In each of these areas, the Reference Guide presents information useful to the designer, the contractor, and the ready mixed concrete supplier in achieving LEED points. This information is supplemented by extensive lists of citations, references, and other resource documents, trade groups, and websites.

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