Need help about choose software x32 & x64
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Need help about choose software x32 & x64
Sometimes there 2 option or 2 different download links set to download a software.
One for x32 and one for x64, I just know little, this stuff related to operating system in my computer.
My computer use Windows XP SP2 then if there sets of download links for x32 and x64 then which one I should choose, the x32 or x64 ?
Thank You!
right click on my computer -> properties
there you will find your operating system in front of system type.
(mostly it should be 32 bit but check)
if it says 32 bit operating system use x32 versions for download
and likewise for 64 bit.
hope this helps.
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Dear psa_1987
Thanks for your answer.
I try your suggestion:
1) open windows explorer
2) right click on "my computer" then choose "properties"
3) as default it will open at "general" it display:
- System: Win XP Service Pack 2
- Registered to ... & also: Computer Specification ( the Processor & RAM of computer )
My computer already Core 2 Duo generation with SATA hard-disk
Can you help me how to know the operating system of my computer is x32 or x64 ?
Please help.
Thank You

Moderator note:

Windows XP SP2 runs only under 32bits system!
I strongly suggest that you upgrade to SP3 for safety reasons.



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