Deleted input
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Deleted input
Please comment on why I deleted the video input on nonlinear static analysis portico 2D (pushover) SAP2000

jcoronellr, proud to be a member of Engineering Forum since Jan 2009.
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Sorry, i missed to warn you.
After a duplicate post, transparent links, other two repeat transparent links, spam and repeate spam warnings you post material in spanish. Please read this comment before other moderator will not ban you my dear user proud to be a member of Engineering Forum since Jan 2009 but never read the rules.
1.Read the HELP and the Rules before posting.
2.Always post in the right thread.
3.Search before to prevent duplicates.
4.Use Preview Post to check.
5.THE BEST - Use the Post Generator.
6.Use the THANKS button.
7.Don't use REPLY if no need, use New Reply.
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