Deleted Question??
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Deleted Question??
Hi Admin/Moderators

Why did you deleted my question in this post:

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I only asked if for the iphone aplications we need a jailbroken iOS and if works with iOS 4 or 3.

That is not a valid question??? Humiliated
Your user ID is 8 and as a favor i didn't warn you for posting software problem in software product.
And i didn't warned your friend asumi using a transparent link in his answer to your question.
I suggest to any user and in special to old users to check before making faults and asking why i only deleted.
In front of every section in software is a sticky post warning to not post in a wrong place.
Every subforum in software section have an explanation bellow the title.
Read and maybe you will save your time, my time and the forum look and orderliness.
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