Solidification and Stabilization of Wastes Using Portland Cement
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Solidification and Stabilization of Wastes Using Portland Cement
Solidification and Stabilization of Wastes Using Portland Cement

Author: Wayne S. Adaska, Stewart W. Tresouthick, and Presbury B. West | Size: 1.74 MB | Format: PDF | Publisher: PCA | Year: 1998 | pages: 22 | ISBN: 0893120960

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Solidification and stabilization (S/S) technology is currently being used to treat a wide variety of wastes. Although considerable information is available on S/S technology, much of it addresses research work or case studies on specific waste sites. This material usually contains very little on the characteristics of the binding agent used to treat the wastes. In addition, chemical reactions that occur during waste treatment are generally presented for those who are highly technically oriented. As a result, there is still a lack of familiarity with S/S technology among many consulting engineers, material suppliers, government officials, waste site owners, and the general public. This publication is intended to explain what portland cement is and how it can be used to solidify and stabilize various wastes. The Portland Cement Association contracted Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc., (CTL) to prepare a state-of-the-art report on waste stabilization using portland cement. This engineering bulletin was developed from that report.

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