Light-wood Framing in the U.S - Presentations
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Light-wood Framing in the U.S - Presentations
Light-wood Framing in the U.S. - Course Power Points

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Light-wood Framing in the U.S.
Prof. Debra Larson

A Course to:
Provide an overview of the solid wood industry in the United States starting with forests and ending with design and construction of common wood buildings.
Course Objectives: Upon completion you will:
Be able to
-describe the forest resource & relate this to the primary solid wood market - home building.
-present a valid perspective on homebuilding including characteristics, processes, and regulations.
-describe the behavior of light wood framed buildings under vertical and lateral loads.
-apply many aspects of prescriptive design standards.
-practiced technical English speaking and writing skills.
-experienced a modified lecture environment that includes simple active learning techniques.

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