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Forum Privacy
Dear all and admin especially!

As discussed before, the following web site has all the contents from our CIILEA forum
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It is such a disappointment to see that the owner of that web site just copy/pasting exact posts from this forum and there is no link to REPORT or CONTACT...
ADMIN should take some action...

After uploading the WS ETABS manual on 4sahred, (yes i posted the links on CIILEA and or my structural forum too)...but when i just googled for the manual to see if its appearing in seach or not...i was astonished to see that it was directly pointing toward the web site mentioned above. without clear reference to my blog or CIILEA forum...yes i know it was shared publicly on it will be visible to all and links may appear on other sites like 4shared, filetube etc...but instead of CIVILEA reference all traffic is going to that web site....This not fair for this forum...i mean we are working for this forum and the fame goes to some another web site without even permissions and reference to author/civilea forum.
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Do you know how many from my posts (i believe from many others) i found in other forums ?
Somethimes from lazy users with my link including my password "FromCivilEA" and sometimes after downloading, uploaded without password there.
Today only, i saw the medicine (not mine) posted here in Cadworx thread. The user of CivilEA downloaded, opened and uploaded again in other forum.
I downloaded it from other forum too but some files was wrong and after testing and correcting i posted here. This is the reason i recognized my text and in this case no one call me stupid as our dear Inqbus because i modified his text file.
We all take from other sources and don't specify the source.
The problem with this site is they don't have nothing original, they don't have users posting but only material copied from our site by a thief.
The other big problem is this thief advertise his site here and i hope chigozie will not attack me because until now i banned three users (the same person) for advertising it.

Nothing to do. Even when i recognised an user, he registered with other name and continue to copy from here so i use my time to neutralize spammers, young people searching girl friends or boy friends here and psychopaths as some user banned 27 times until now and still trying to enter the forum.
Here we are in a microcosm very similar to our real environment and the only solution is to try to live with.
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tnx for your report.
i sent warning email to admin, if continue we will do more actions...

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