Bypass Rapidshare Wait Timer
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Bypass Rapidshare Wait Timer
Rapidshare traces the users IP address to limit each user to a certain amount of downloading per day. To get around this, you need to show the rapidshare server a different IP address.

Here are some methods for doing this:

Method 1. Short-Out the JavaScript:

1. Goto the page you want to download
2. Select FREE button
3. In the address bar put the following: javascript:alert(c=0)
4. Click OK
5. Click OK to the pop-up box
6. Enter the captcha
7. Download Your File

Method 2. Request a new IP address from your ISP server.

Here’s how to do it in windows:
1. Click Start
2. Click run
3. In the run box type cmd.exe and click OK
4. When the command prompt opens type the following. ENTER after each new line.
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
5. Erase your cookies in whatever browser you are using.
6. Try the rapidshare download again.
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Solution number 3:

If you are connected to the interned by your own Router, turn it off, and after couple of minutes, turn it on. The Router will generate a new i.p. address, so you can freely download the next file on rapidshare, without the 15 minutes delay.
Repeat the process each time you want to download a new file from rapidshare.
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