Why my thread Win XP SP3 deleted 2x
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Why my thread Win XP SP3 deleted 2x
Dear Moderator / Admin
Why my thread "Ghost Win XP SP3" deleted 2x by moderator / admin ?
I use postgen to create the post
I browse /search & no one post it
What's wrong with my thread ?
Plz give me explanation
Because we violate the copyright for too much engineering software, and we don't need one more with Microsoft for one of hundred of modified versions of Windows everyone can find in other sites. Try to post useful engineering software and not only to copy paste links of software from general software hosts. I can post dozens every day but this is not in the scope of our site. And if you see your post deleted once don't post one more time.

Read this and don't argue with the moderators.

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1.Read the HELP and the Rules before posting.
2.Always post in the right thread.
3.Search before to prevent duplicates.
4.Use Preview Post to check.
5.THE BEST - Use the Post Generator.
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