Mathcad Excel Component Problem.
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Mathcad Excel Component Problem.
Hi all,

I have a problem with mathcad (I normally use this soft for my spreadsheet) with excel component in the sheet (tables), when I print this (paper or PDF) the excel tables are show as black rectangular.

[Image: 98422254094003628636.jpg]

Anyone have this problem??

All the best...
What is your MathCAD & Excel version?
I used MathCAD Professional 2001 vs Excel 2003, there is no any problem.
It should be DDE conflict.

If your MathCAD sheet is only simple formula, I recommend using lower version. MathCAD Professional 2001 is very stable, less conflict with other software, i.e. Excel, SmartSketch, C User Interface.
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Hi ucapareja,

I've had this problem before, sometimes I have other issues with print and pdfprint as well. Currently I'm using PdfCreator and Adobe pdfcreator to print my documents, if one of them fails the other one will do the job or at least for me (Mathcad14, Excel2007). I hope one of these pdfprinters will solve your problem as well.

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Thank you rusty I will try this solution...

Sorry kowheng, I have Mathcad 14 and excel 2007 (same rusty).

All the best

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