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we create VIP section in three subforum:

0Days Software:
we put here 0days release software, you can be first person that download new full program, we put here 0days software with crack.

VIP Toolbox:
we put here all software, books, crack, .... that we limited them to VIP members only, in this section you can find programs that not found anywhere

Free Premium Account For V.I.P:
in this section we provided you free premium account from several sites, like RS, MU, ... or we give you user/pass of library`, universities ....

we are try to buy a large & fast host, after this, we are plan to give VIP members about 1GB host that they can use it for personal use, we give them rapidleeh account that they can direct their links from any upload center site (RS, MU, ES, 4S, ...)

who is VIP?
VIP are members that have good activity in our forum, having good post, also they follow our rules, post base on our template,
having activity to increase your posts only is not good for us. 1 useful post base on rules & template is better than 50 ordinary post.

please don`t PM me or moderator for request VIP, when we want add any person that have enough activity to VIP group if VIP members decrease their activity after Became VIP we move them into ordinary user again.

VIP user is not only posting more & more.
if any user don`t post base on rules we give him negative point.

please don`t request me to put you in VIP section, if anyone PM me or moderator for request to join VIP section, we give him negative point.
Notice all user:

V.I.P is not only that user only posting, but it is important that they participate in discussion, help other user to find their request,....

this item is very important for us

Please don`t PM Me or other moderator to request joining VIP.
in moderator section we decided who is suitable for VIP.


we open new thread for VIP Members,
In this topic we will put Username/Password of Scientific site that you can access to big resource of books (like elsevior, IEEE, ...)
Now VIP can direct their links,

they can put their links from all upload center (Rapidshare, megaupload, zshare, ...) & receive new links that direct with resumeable.
reynand_d Join to VIP Group For Good Activity & Responsibility.
Congratulation To him :CLAP:

babak Join to VIP Group again For Good Activity.

Congratulation To him :CLAP:

faros3000 joined to VIP for hardworking here



are joined to VIP for hardworking here. tnx them for being active.

congartulation to them
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