Latest prize winning collection of Civil Engg. Papers
Latest prize winning collection of Civil Engg. Papers

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Latest prize winning collection of Civil Engg. Papers by Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE)

List of including papers and their authors are:
A Vardy. Generation and alleviation of sonic booms from rail tunnels
Engineering and Computational Mechanics
R Frank and P Pouget. Experimental pile subjected to long duration thrusts owing to a moving slope Geotechnique
J Gibbins, A Beaudet, H Chalmers and M. Lamperth. Electric vehicles for low-carbon transport Energy
DA Smith and CR Hendy. Strengthening of Irwell Valley Bridge

Bridge Engineering
R Mathews. Creating Heathrow’s new eye in the sky Civil Engineering
JC Nicholls, I Carswell, I Widyatmoke, RC Elliott, J Harris and IR Taylor. Recycling surfacing materials back into thin surfacing systems Construction Materials
J Ko and R Fenner. Adoption of energy efficiency innovations in new

UK housing Energy
DW Knight and X Tang. Zonal discharges and boundary shear in prismatic channels Engineering and Computational Mechanics
C Shirley-Smith and D Butler. Water management at BEDZED: some lessons Engineering Sustainability
HG Poulos. A practical design approach for piles with negative friction Geotechnical Engineering
S Olivella and EE Alonso. Gas flow through clay barriers

MJ Rattley, BM Lehane, N Consoli, DJ Richards. Uplift of shallow foundations with cement-stabilised backfill Ground Improvement
B Barr. UK civil engineering education in the twenty-first century Management, Procurement and Law,
IH Townend. Breach design for managed realignment sites Maritime

C Champion, M Robinson and N. Buchan Global issues in public works and municipal engineering Municipal Engineer
L Gardner. The continuous strength method Structures and buildings
S Ison, G Hughes and R Tuckwell. Cambridge’s experience of road user charging: lessons learned. Transport,
G Biggam and H Jayawardena. Brixton station congestion relief project, London Transport,
J Coaffee and L Bosher Integrating counter-terrorist resilience into sustainability Urban Design and Planning. 161, 2008, 2, 75-83
J Ravetz. Resource flow analysis for sustainable construction: metrics for an integrated supply chain approach Waste and Resource Management 161, 2008, 2, 51-66

Polypropylene fibres in heated concrete Part 1: Molecular structure and materials behaviour/Khoury & Willoughby Magazine of Concrete Research 60, 2008, 2, 125 - 136
Polypropylene fibres in heated concrete Part 2: Pressure relief mechanisms and modelling criteria/Khoury Magazine of Concrete Research 60, 2008, 189 – 204

A.B Shvidchenko and G Pender. Computer modelling of graded sediments in rivers Water Management
BR Colford. Forth Road Bridge – maintenance and remedial works

Bridge Engineering
BD Jones, AH Thomas, YS Hsu and M Hilar. Evaluation of innovative sprayed-concrete-lined tunnelling Geotechnical Engineering

Safety in Construction
J Fisher. Women in water supply, sanitation and hygiene programmes Municipal Engineer
L Elghali, R Clift, KG Begg and S McLaren. Decision support methodology for complex contexts Engineering Sustainability
JL Diaz Rato, J Moyano Tetamero and M de Miguel Riesla. Extension to the Port of Gijon, Spain Maritime Engineering
R Versemann. Decommissioning nuclear plants: experiences in Germany.
G Morgenthal, R Sham and Schwain The 4000 tonne lift of Stonecutters Bridge steel back-spans, H.K. Bridge Engineering
N Thusyanthan and G Madabhushi Tsunami wave loading on coastal houses Civil Engineering
T K Hsieh Award Nomination (for referral to SECED)
P Dakoulas and G Gazetas Insight into seismic earth and water pressures against caisson quay walls Geotechnique

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