How reliable pile design using softwares ..?
Dear Friends,

I am very confuse regarding the use of softwares for pile designs. People in India uses Indian Code IS 2911 but gives to much conservative results. I have tried to use ALLPILE but through this forum only i realize that it may be wrong to compare... some other programs are also avilable in this forum like MPILE, SHAFT etc but how reliable the design from softwares... output from each is not maching as the methdology may be different but then which to use.. I didnt claim that i am expert in geotechnical but can be considered at good but some of my friends can express their views on this...
Hi jacs127,
If u refer back to the posts for CivilTech ALLPILE, it was discussed that the cracked version is not a full crack from the original and would give erroneous results. I think it was intended by the copyright vendor to incorporate this features in the Demo/Trial in order to protect their interests (only for some software). That is why we suggest that the whole package for ALLPILE including medicine must be based on the original program but not the demo version.
Of course another issue that we must familiar with the principles, assumptions and the method used/adopted for each software before using them so that we can compare apple to apple.
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Dear jacs127,

I think you on the right way, better you keep doing your geotechnical analysis in conservative design because in soil/geotechnical design have so many uncertainly condition.
That's my opinion..

I am not a geotechnical expert too, I am a structural engineer.

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Dear robertsasmita,

For the case i have to design pile for berthing structure which has free standing length of 20 m but if i design with IS 2911 than its lateral capacity is coming less than 10 KN which is of no use... Even 20 m free standing pile itself is long slander column ... So there must be some way of working out capacity.. and i am sure that from forum can give idea..

Anyone has experience about LPILE please share...



Is WALLAP having the same problem?.

I am not sure if the WALLAP plus medicine version available for downloading from this website is having the same problem as ALLpile in which the cracked version is not a full crack from the original and would give erroneous results.

Does Anyone know?

For some reason I really don´t trust the results I get from WALLAP, usually I compare them with PYWALL, and feel more confindent using PYWALL results.

Please let me know.

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