Ram Concept,the best??
hi you guys,i'm new here and i'm glad i joined this beneficial yet fun to participate in Forum
our "computer applications in structural engineering" told us that the most powerful software in designing two way slabs is Ram Concept
then he repeated the same sentence but with making it more general as: Ram concept is the best software in the world

is that right??
what really made me amazed that he was bragging that he's the only one in Jordan who knows how to use it(don't think that he's so full of himself,he's really great,he's famous to solve problems in structural softwares for companies and associations) so i started thinking is it that hard ??or is it very professional ??

would really appreciate it if you could help me get this confusion cloud off my head
You should read this two sections from the forum. I think that it will help you to: "get that confusion off your head" :prankster:


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