New section need for Dictionaries
May be useful if Admin can creat Dictionies section(civil engineering , architecture, etc ), it will help us more understand technical word.
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I agree with Emmi. That would be a great section to open.

Emmi, here are a few eDictionaries that I use all the time, so maybe they would be helpful to you as well as all other members of CIVILEA:

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Those last two are Croatian eDictionaries supporting all other languages.
Available language pairs are (sorted by number of translations): English-Croatian, Croatian-English, English-Japanese, Japanese-English, English-Chinese, Chinese-English, English-Polish, Polish-English, German-English, Japanese-English, English-Japanese, French-English, English-Spanish, English-German, Spanish-English, English-Swedish, Swedish-English, English-Indonesian, Indonesian-English, English-French, German - Spanish, Spanish-German, Japanese-French, French-Japanese, English-Italian, French-Croatian, Croatian-French, English-Russian, Russian-English, Spanish-Croatian, Italian-English, Croatian-Spanish, German-Italian, Italian-German, Croatian-Slovenian, Croatian-Czech, Hungarian-Croatian, Croatian-Hungarian, Czech-Croatian, Slovenian-Croatian, Dutch-Croatian, Italian-Croatian, German-Croatian, Croatian-German, English-Latin, Croatian - Dutch, Croatian-Italian, English-Norwegian, Norwegian-English, Latin-Croatian, Latin-English, Croatian-Latin English-Finnish and Finnish-English.

If any posted material in CivilEA is useful to you, please buy it. Support the authors/developers. By any means you may not use the posted material in CivilEA to make money! Use it only for evaluation!
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Another nice Idea!
In my opinion, doesn't needs a new section. We have the "Various / None-Engineering Software" and could be used to post, like Grunf, dictionaries and sites address for translations!
See a example of a pretty good dictionary/translator posted there:
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Thanks for your comments/contribution,


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I think that it would be good if a section for non-engeneering books was created, by analogy with the software sectition. It could be a subsection of "general books". There could be posted dictionaries, as well as all kind of books that could help our professional growth (I'm sure, some of the engeneers here are also scientists, laboratory workers, managers, etc., and they need general information in such fields).
I think that will be good such books to be separated, because they are much less than strictly engeneering ones. It is not easy to find them (to discover that they exist here). Also, maybe the absence of special section stops members to post.


I believe it won't be good to have non-engineering books sections because people would start posting all kind of publications (cookbooks, fiction, poetry, drama, etc.) just to boost their post count (making them "more valuable" to the fourm) and avoiding being warned by posting anything to this new section. Non-engineering means non-engineering means all kind of publications = not good for moderators work.

It would be (maybe) ok to have English for Writting Papers in CE section for posting CE Dictionaries, Rules for writting Research and Scientific Papers and similar - this can be useful.

(CE means Civil Engineering for those who ask)

If you are looking for some non-engineering books concerning, lets say, bicycle, car, kitchen, garden, fiction, etc., try to visit:
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you won't be needing any other web site along this one if you are looking for non and all kind of engineering e-books.

Any other opinion on this matter would be appreciated.

With regards,
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Dear Grunf,

I don't understand why my post evoked such ironic tone. But I'm not going to comment it. It is clear that "books that could help our professional growth" doesn't mean "cookbooks, fiction, poetry, drama, etc."

I can't agree to your arguments against non-engeneering section, athough two of the moderators can.

1. This forum has a section for free discussion and a section for non-engineering software. I don't see there something concerning cars, kitchen, garden etc. Why do you think that in non-engeneering book section would be different?

2. The members who post only to increase their points don't need non-engeneering section. They successfully do this in the other sections.

3. The third of your arguments is the main reason to write again. I don't clearly understand it. You've written: "try to visit library_dot_nu you won't be needing any other web site along this one if you are looking for non and all kind of engineering e-books". What does it mean? Should we provide only materials that can't be found anywhere else? I dont't think so. For me, the idea of sharing here is members (including me) to be able to find in one place good materials (selected through the millions published) and also working links. Thus to reduce the time spent in browsing internet for the exact material. Please, tell me if I'm wrong.

Have a nice evening and good spirits
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Dear datagap,

Let me be more clear and in good spirit. I'm very sorry for being misunderstood by you, my intention was not to be ironic. I just gave some examples on e-books that we can expext to non-engineering books.

We have a lot of users not speaking or understanding English (my English is not perfect as well) thus I try to give some descriptions on what I'm trying to say in my posts.

As we speek about non-engineering e-books, we can expect all kind of books to be posted in Non-Engineering Sections - meamning million of books every day, thus million of working hours for moderators. Non-Engineering to me means that there can be posted cookbooks, books concerning bicycles, etc. We had a lot of problems here in the past because some of the sections didn't have specified titles. Non-International Code section is still one of the problem we are discussing about.

In conlusion to all the written above, I proposed to have section called English for Writting Papers in CE to be more specific. Here are a lot of scientists (I'm one of them) thus we need some good textbooks about writting scientific papers, presentations, books on how to use English in proper way, etc.

As for non-engineering software - there was a time people posting any kind of software there, so we stopped those kind of posts by making some explanations to members posting this material. In Non-Engineering Software we accept software useful to read PDF and similar - software that you need directly for your work as an engineer, tyoe of softwares without you can't make your work as engineer.

Free discussion section is section for making posts (threads) that you can't place in some specific section (section, like CSI Problems Section or similar). There were people trying to make discussions about The Best Song about Your Dream and similar - we deleted those posts and gave explanations to member what's the purpose of Free Discussion Section (some of them have been even banned for posting spam to Free Discussion Section)

I mentioned
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as one of good web sites offering a lot of e-books of any kind - there is a lot of books posted in just one place - I'm using this web site if I need some non-engineering book (you need to register there to be a member of this place)

As conclusion to this post - we want CivilEA to be strictly Civil Engineering forum, not some forum as other forums are. You can visit e.g. forum Warez##.### and there you can find anything you want, but CivilEA strictly concernes Engineering. We don't allow here chat. We allow Engineering discussions but we don't allow chat. Chat means this: Hello, how are you? Where are you form? or making posts like Thanks, this is great! To not be misunderstood again, chat is allowed via PM and Profile Comments.

datagap, as I said to your profile, you are one of our best members and I don't have intention to hurt your feelings thus please accept my apologie if I offended you in any way. My English is not perfect thus can be easily misinterpreted, but I'm trying to writte in the best way I can and know.

With regards,
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