Wood Design spreadsheets
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Wood Design spreadsheets
Wood Design spreadsheets

[Image: info.png]
"unprotected sheets/Password Removed"

Wood Design spreadsheets

if u like it, buy it,
for evaluation purposes only, not for commercial use

Wood Design.rar



[Image: screen.png]
[Image: 61284477351924194195.jpg]

[Image: Download.png]

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Engineering is the professional art of applying science to the optimum conversion of natural resources to the benefit of man
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A word of warning. All of the Engineering International Spreadsheets that was cracked using Microsoft Office password recovery software will produce erroneous answers. The reason is because the original files downloaded from EngineeringInternational website that was used for cracking have several variables set as constant in every sheet (will not change according to user input). Therefore the results generated by these cracked spreadsheets will not be correct.

The spreadsheets that are bought will have all cells functioning as intended. The spreadsheets bought will not show Daniel T. Li at the top left corner of the spreadsheet.

Therefore all of the Engineering International spreadsheets available for download that shows Daniel T. Li in red text at upper left corner are incorrect!
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