Abu Dhabi Tunnel under Conjested Streets
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Abu Dhabi Tunnel under Conjested Streets
This Project is one of its kind ...Its a 3 Km Tunnel under the conjested streets of abu dhabi and wats more intresting is its constructed by open cut cut method....Its scheduled to complete within a unbelievable 900 days time period...

It involves not only tunnel building its scope of works goes endless

1. Main Tunnel Construction
2. Utility rooms for tunnel operations
3. Utility Bridge Construction for Utilities crosing the tunnel as there no time for diverting these utilities
4. Pedestrian bridges construction accross the tunnel and also at traffic management areas.
5. Traffic Decking for ensure smooth flow of traffic
6.Diverting existing utilities running in the line of tunnes to new reservation corridors.
The list of utilities need to be diverted
1. Water
2. Irrigaton
3. Sewer
4. Storm Water
5. Telephone
6. 11KV, 32 KV cables
7. Protection to existing 400 KV cables

for info see my presentation
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