AutoCAD R14 for 64-bit Windows
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AutoCAD R14 for 64-bit Windows
[Image: 9959.png]
AutoCAD R14 for 64-bit Windows

[Image: info.png]
This is working setup of AutoCAD R14 for Vista x64 (probably all 64-bit Windows OS).

AutoCAD R14 was one of the best drafting applications as of year 1998. It is small, fast, reliable (of course, as much as Autodesk product can be), loads itself intp the memory 10 times faster than the newer versions, and imports better DXF and WMF files, made by 3-rd party programs.

Because the original installer of AutoCAD R14 was made with 16-bit InstallShield application, it is not possible to setup the official program on 64-bit Microsoft Windows OS. Nevertheless the AutoCAD R14 itself is 32-bit application, so it can work almost flawlessly even on Vista x64.

The version presented here overcomes this problem and could be installed on Vista x64.
Autodesk doesn't support nor sell this program anymore

There is a need for a registry file to be started. The present setup tries to make this by itself, so you should agree for the registry settings to be imported. If this doesn't work, then you should import these settings by yourself. These are in the file named: Vista64.reg

[Image: Download.png]

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