Poll: Who Is best Moderator of year 2009?
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22 5.31%
206 49.76%
12 2.90%
Dell Brett
69 16.67%
29 7.00%
5 1.21%
9 2.17%
12 2.90%
40 9.66%
Ultra Zone
10 2.42%
Total 414 vote(s) 100%
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Who is best moderator up to now?
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Who is best moderator up to now?

please select who is best moderator of 2009?

this poll is valid for 11 days.:JC_cheers:

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Of course, BennyP
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And the Oscar™ goes to... Abudabeeja, BennyP, Concreteok, Dell Brett, Kamran, Kowheng, Oanm2000, Robertsas, Timosi and Ultrazone. :JC_cheers:

Only one will win the poll obviously, but this is a chance to thank you all for the hard work done untill now. All of you have different qualifications and different skills, but the contribution each one of you make everytime you are online is priceless.

Few times we have the chance to chat in the forum, but I am really sure that if we were in the same place at the same moment in time we would end up being big friends in the real life (as I think of you now in this virtual world).

Congratulations all !!!
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if there are multi choice (at least 2), it will be better for us.
i think there 3 good moderators there, and we support all too.
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Maybe someone is "The Grinch" inside the Forum, but his collaboration is invaluable; always keeping high the quality level; always requesting the best of everyone on each post.
Has bad genius? Nobody is perfect
No discussion: BennyP is the best
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Nice try, to make a competetive atmosphere :yes:
I guess all moderators are trying to do the best and thats why I like this forum.

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Without any connection with the Oanm2000 post - all the moderators make the work but not all the moderators have the time to do the work all the time. The most active last time are Dell and Kowheng and i like they but i don't forget the huge work Oanm2000 made with the books and my vote was for him.

Bad genius ? No my friends but i'm spending every day a few hours in this forum and many users warned by me and felt offended first time because i didn't sent they a long supplication asking to considerate the others and the rules, are to day between the best users and the warns was expired. I hope they are not angry.
The others...
Please imagine you are the owner of an engineering company or a manager of an engineering team and try to make the work with some of our users. Do you want them ?
We don't fire them and only a minority was banned but we have again near to 12000 registered users and sometimes is hard to enter the forum. When i succeed i want to see intersting posts and not rubbish.
I see our task in giving to engineers a place to find help for problems, books for learning and software for try. This is not Facebook or any other social network and the democracy is not the right to tell others what to do without doing yourself something. All the best to all.
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All of our moderators is best.
we have best civil engineers moderators because Civilea grow with this persons.
it is difficult select one of them as best moderator.

but this is poll ...

i thanks from all moderators specially BennyP & Oanm2000 (our protectors).

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All the moderators are very good. and the forum is the best of all. Everything is there in this forum i.e. knowledge sharing, guidence, restrictions etc. and this is beacuse of all moderator and admin.

I thanks all the member of this forum and wish them all the best.
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