Problem with sap200 v 14
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Problem with sap200 v 14
This is my problem, I hope someone has a solution?
When you install a program that works for some time how oshto should, but after 20 days shall cease to operate. Or receive any no knowledge, nor can you work with previously completed models. Krak off another that I found this forum about the program but the same is happening again ... some idea how to address this problem
As far as I've understood your post, you have installed SAP 2000 v.14 about 20 days ago. Everything was working fine and after 20 days the program crashed. You couldn't open any of your previous models. You've tried a different crack, but the problem still stands.

If that is the problem, try to reinstall the software (uninstall and than install). If the problem still stands, tell us something more about the problem. Do you receive any ERROR MESSAGE, which operating system are you using,.....
Version 14 don1t work, but old version sap2000 v 12 work propertly....i thing maybe have some mistake in same program....realy i don`t know
I have sap2000 V14 working with it for more than 1.5 months without problems
so please , explain your problem exactly to see if I can help you!!
After the installation program worked 20 days, but a few days ago ceased to receive any kind of orders. when you open the program interface of any order of the menu: draw, assign, ... does not work. only function is that the order to close the program. Models made before it opens, but does not want them to run Run analysis. When I installed version 12 that works flawlessly.
You might have applied the patch, if patch is applied on v14, i think they have their selves programmed the sap2000 so that it becomes out of order. I have seen this case with more alot of my friends in university. So better to use the v12 or work in trial mode and then try installing windows again and sap2000 v14 as well. There might also be problem with your crack:
Below is the link to a crack, try applying this on your program when newly installed sap2000 v14

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I know that it is better to use version 12, but version 14 has some things not in 12, as the calculation of the effect of wind Eurocode 1, and also other things that are not in the version of 12th I tried the latest patch and hope that it will be OK. If not I'll have to use a version of 12th However, great thanks for trying to help me

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