Ram Problem
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Ram Problem
why the system show RAM: 4GB (2.96GB usable)?

my computer samsung r620

and system 32 bit win 7

In thanking in advance for your helping, I look forward to hear from you

Kind Regards
Hello to our old friend (the man with thousand names) now the distinguished administrator of the other forum and calling us from his Netherland proxy.
The possible answer may be:
Installed and Usable memory as shown by windows differs when you have installed a Graphics card which shared memory. If you have a graphics card of 1gb memory with shared option, the 1 GB of memory is not usable by other processes. So the usable memory is lower than that is installed.
Check your BIOS configuration.
i can't access bios configuration on the win7 system

how can ı access it?

please help..

total available gaphics memory 22..
dedicated video memory 11..
system video memory 0 mb
shared system memory 11..

i wanna delete the shared system memory
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Your computer is fine, don't worry. It is not a hardware problem.
All the 32 bit Windows OS can't address more than 3GB operating memory.

If you install 64bit OS you can use more than 3 GB RAM.
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Very nice ynopum,

A long time ago i posted in one of the Autodesk threads (user asking about the memory the application needs) a very long dissertation but i'm too lazy to search.


Windows 32-bit Operating Systems implement a virtual memory system based on a flat 32-bit address space. 32-bits of address space translates into 4GB of virtual memory. A process can access up to 4GB of memory address space.
The 4GB memory address space is divided. Windows allocates the lower half of the 4GB address space (from 0x00000000 to 0x7FFFFFFF) to processes for their own unique private storage, and reserves the other half (from 0x80000000 to 0xFFFFFFFF) for the Operating System's use. Virtual memory provides a view of memory that does not necessarily correspond to the physical layout of memory.

By default, the address space is divided into two equal chunks. 2GB for the Kernel and 2GB for User-mode processes. The Kernel space is common for all applications and the User-mode processes each get their own 2GB address space to work with.

On 32-bit versions of Windows, the /3GB parameter enables 4-gigabyte (GB) random access memory (RAM) Tuning, a feature that enlarges the user-mode virtual address space to 3 GB and restricts the kernel-mode components to the remaining 1 GB.

On Windows Vista and on later versions of Windows, use the IncreaseUserVA element in BCDEdit.

I supose user trying to access the BIOS from the opearation system don't heard about the /3GB parameter and don't ask how to use more memory in applications but his question is about the Installed memory RAM in Control Panel\System and in this case my answer is more than possible. By the way even in a 64 bit system the graphic adapter may steal the memory in the same manner.
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thanx to ynopum and bennyP

my system 32 bit,64 bit programs really hard to find

sometimes i can't find 64 bit programs,so i keep working 32 bit os for now

1 gb unattached anyway, i make do with 2.96 gb ram

one more time thanx to all

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