Design Against Accidental Loads
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Design Against Accidental Loads
Design Against Accidental Loads

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Many engineers only see the static capacity of the structure, forgetting to see beyond the elastic limit. For this I'm posting this article, in order to begin to analyze some problems within the domain elasto-plastic, because even though its beam statically not support, if it is within the domain elasto-plastic, may still be able to recover part deformation gained from the impact.

1.1 Introduction
This Recommended Practice deals with design to maintain the load-bearing function of the structures during accidental events. The overall goal of the design against accidental loads is to achieve a system where the main safety functions of the installation are not impaired.
The Recommended Practice has been developed for general world-wide application. Governmental legislation may include requirements in excess of the provisions of this Recommended Practice depending on type, location and intended service of the unit/installation.
The Design Accidental Loads and associated performance criteria are given in DNV-OS-A101. The Accidental Loads in this standard are prescriptive loads. This Recommended Practice may also be used in cases where the Design Accidental Loads are determined by a formal safety assessment (see DNV-OS-A101, Appendix C) or Quantified Risk Assessment (QRA).
The following main subjects are covered:
— Design philosophy
— Ship Collisions
— Dropped Objects
— Fire
— Explosions.

1.2 Application
The Recommended Practice is applicable to all types of floating and fixed offshore structures made of steel. The methods described are relevant for both substructures and topside structures.
The document is limited to load-carrying structures and does not cover pressurised equipment.
1.3 Objectives The objective with this Recommended Practice is to provide recommendations for design of structures exposed to accidental events.

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