Civilea in Google
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Civilea in Google
When you google civilea you get description of which reads:
"Every things about civil engineering here, all things about software, e-books & codes are here. we provided best place for all world engineering here."

Can I suggest description of forum which reads like:
"Everything and anything related to civil engineering can be found here...
Softwares, e-books, codes, manuals and all you can think of is here. We provide the best place for all civil engineers world wide!"

I think that this description has better grammar, but still, I'm not someone whose mother tongue is english, so please some one correct me if I'm wrong in some point.

Best regards!
If any posted material in CivilEA is useful to you, please buy it. Support the authors/developers. By any means you may not use the posted material in CivilEA to make money! Use it only for evaluation!
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I don't know that this is our reference words to Google search engine! My opinion is that not be any reference for "sharing software and books", but only a reference that is an engineering FORUM!
The objective is avoid to be easily find as a illegal software and books reference!
Just my point of view!


Dell Brett
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