AutoDesk Software + Registry Cleansing
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AutoDesk Software + Registry Cleansing
Hi everybody,

I have a question for all you guys that are either geeks or simply tech genius:

Background: I have 2 laptops for my personal use, both of them Sony Vaio with original licensed Wndows Vista + SP2; the difference is that one of them is 32 bits and the other one 64.

In both of them have both licensed software and other not so licensed... to say the least :) One of them (32bits) has TuneUp 2010 installed, and the one with 64 bits has the Sony software VAIOCare.

Problem: In both computers have installed AutoCAD 2010 with the Keygen available in this forum. Also, in both of them have installed AutoDesk Structural Detailing (ASD) 2010 and Revit Structure 2010 with the same keygen available through this forum.

But everytime I execute either TuneUp or VAIOcare for the system maintaining of both laptops, all of the 3 autodesk software are gone from the desk, the quick start menu and both ASD and REVIT are also gone from the programs menu. Sometimes I have been able to get back all of them by looking for them in explorer and selecting the .exe file for each one and all that... but sometimes both ASD and REVIT are just gone forever, even if I tried to install them again from scratch...

This is becoming really annoying, cause the mess this is creating in my pc (registry?) is so big that at least a couple of times I had hd to restore my hole system. (Last time I couldn´t print from AutoCad, so there was no other solution).

Help: I am running right now the laptp with OS-64 bits wich is only loaded with AutoCad 2010, and VAIOcare has just finished the tunning of th system and guess what? yep, AutoCad is gone from both my desk and quick start menu. I can go for not running any system maintenance/tunning software at all, but I think that is not the best solution as, as you start installing a lot of stuff in your pc, your system will end up being a mess still.

So the issue is: How can I avoid that, and also I don´t want to only have in this laptops installed AutoCad, but also ASD and REVIT. Any experience from any of you on this? Any advice?
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