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I think we need to evaluate moderators performance every now and then. We also need to evaluate them from different aspects, one of which how they handle problems. Some moderators unfortunately feel the power (hopefully not many in this distinguished forum)

Thanks for everyone and our admin and moderators.
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I don't agree. It sounds too much like communist/bolshevist idea. If the majority wants porn section, should the moderators put such? Think about that.
I am not talking about voting for doing wrong. I am just talking about applying the rules. Sometimes some moderators treat members as kids and we are not, that is it.
The moderators can only judge about the age of the users by their behavior. I think that the general aim of the forum is the reading, not the writing. If a thread is full with "thanks", or "links are dead", or you are finding several thread on one and the same thig - that is nod easily readable.

Personally, I was punished several times. I was thinking first "Who are these to tell me what I should do?", but later on I saw that from the point of view of the other people, who are reading my posts, the moderator is right. Now I am thinking much more if I should "just say something", or "tell something reasonable".

And Solution, we are just nobody here. We don have personality, no faces, fake names, we are not real people here - everything is completely anonymous. So no need of feelings, emotions and reactions. It should be a place where somebody shares what he has/knows, asks questions, so the other one can use that, and read the reasonable answers.

By the way, I don't think that the ranking system of the users is making the things better. Sometimes this bring to a race for rating, followed by some reactions. But mostly of publishing here a lot of things that can be found in the 1-st page of Google-search, by users who just wish to increase their rating.

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Again you missed my point. My point is attitude. And yes we are all anonymous but we are something, at least I think of us like that. And I agree if you did not follow the rules, you should be warned and if you continue you should be punished. And I also agree that this is a place to learn and benefit. So again my point is not lawless place or a Utopia. It is all about attitude. A respectable person would not accept being treated like a child or nobody even if he/she is anonymous. It is all about self respect whether people know you personally or not. If it is only when people knows you then one is phony.

Beside, moderators enforce rules and policies and then are thanked for that. See for yourself how different moderators react to an offense. They may all apply same punishment, but how they do it os what I am talking about.

Anyways, what I am looking for is mutual respect and enrichment of this forum value and service.
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If you feel that you have been mistreated, you can always complain to admin.

Btw, I (maybe others too) may not get your suggestion right.

Are you proposing that we have a procedure (public poll) to evaluate moderators? And if this guy is doing bad job (warn user, it this bad? or you have a gut that this guy is crazy!) you will want to give him some rating of unpopular through voting? And the admin can restrained from promoting (or even fire) him?
concrete solution advocate
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Kids always do what their parent say "Don't do it".
Same as here, kids always post what the forum rules say "Don't". If you posted conforming to forum rules you will not be kid.

Moderators' duty is to keep forum rules alive, applicable. Members who observe forum rules, I'm sure, did not have any bad attitude to moderators, accept the ones who don't care the rules and try to post what they want because they were punished by moderators.

In comparison, moderators are similar to the police in the real life. Thieves, criminals and the like hate police. Thieves, criminals and the like break the Criminal Codes. Police caught them and sent them to jail, that's why they hate police.
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I see i need to clarify the source of this thread and if i used only private message in my conversation with solution maybe is time to public the source of this debate.

Yesterday i sent a PM to solution and this is the content:

Please change your signature. Use english.

The answer was:

Thanks that you are bringing that to my attention, but where in the rules or policy does it state the signature language ?

I supose is a legitime thing to understand my request and i sent to solution my answer:

This site is for all and all users must understand all text posted in this site. We don't accept posting in other languages and not every one can check if your signature don't include religious or political message or pornographic content but only users understanding the language. In the same way i asked in the past user using as avatar a flying pig to change it for not offending muslims i ask you to change the signature. I know we have some signature in spanish but the alphabet is the same as english and using a translation software anyone can check. Is not the same for arabic, farsi, hebrew and so on and please don't make me ask you one more time.

My last words irritates solution and this is his answer:

You need to add this to rules and polices and everyone need to abide by it. My avatar is in Arabic, so this is next thing for me? I will remove my signature just as nice gesture waiting to add signature policy to rules and/or policies. Being able to translate spanish is not an excuse. If it is not a rule or policy then it is discrimination or just using power and I do not think that exist here in our forum, I am hoping. One more thing, members here are not kids, so do not use "please don't make me ask you one more time" with us. Thanks

After saying thanks our friend change his signature to:

Dictatorship starts by some rules and good intentions, but in the wrong hands ends by misuse of powers

and gave me negative reputation.

Maybe my writing style is a little dry but after posting hundred of posts in this forum and doing the police work (kowheng definition) every day together with my work and my family i have no time in every situation to argue with an user about the interpretation of the rules.

Dictators only exploit the people and don't give nothing, so dear solution try to contribute at least as the dictator and i'm sure as a moderator you will be able to change the rules .

I agree with solution about the spanish and maybe this public discussion will lead to a consensus about the use of foreign languages in every place in this forum.

They are a lot of forums in russian, arabic and others, they are a lot of forums mixing civil engineering with all engineering professions and sometimes with movies, anecdotes and more but our forum is the only one where civil engineers from every country can work together and if we love or not the english this is the language of this forum.
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I think that the problem comes actually from the moderators. I want my point to be understood by them.
The moderators should NOT WASTE TIME to explain to the users how the things should be, or what attitude and behavior the users should have in the forum. It is much better that they "waste" this time for editing/deleting posts. The unnecessary things should be removed without a lot of explanation. There are rules, these rules are much more simple than the rules in the real life, and because of that they are very clear and should be strictly followed. The Forum should be easily readable by the readers. There is this "Discussion/Suggestion" branch, and the discussions should be here.

If the moderators are trying to explain, re-educate and so on the users, this creates the problem. There is no need for that, it is a complete waste of their time, and leaves bitter taste in some of the users, as we can see here.

To Solution: You are not person here, my friend. Nobody is person, the moderators too. This is not a forum which meets people searching friends, and nobody needs to make ANY IMPRESSION to anybody. I don't care who is the moderator, I don't care who are the users - we will never meet each other.

And, I just want to add some things like conclusion (I will exit this discussion):

1. About the language, I think that the plus of this forum is that you can see contributions from the while world, this is its only difference from the other forums. There are country forums where you can find much deeper discussions, rare software, country's specific things etc. These forums are in the national language of that country. And this forum is the place where you can see some things copied from those 'national forums' - THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE. For example you can find here some Russian civil engineering regulations IN ENGLISH! In any Russian forum you can find a lot of these, but in Russian. So the form is of benefit of those users, who know only English, and don't know the local language. The English is quite elementary and tolerant language, and you see nobody laughs here if somebody can't use it properly. This is not the case for the national languages. So lets keep it in English, and if somebody wants deeper discussion, and more specific things - he can use his national forum.

2. About the religion, I will be short: the forum is for civil engineering, not for prayers, pilgrims, preachers etc. There should be somewhere in the Internet forums for the problems of those people, I hope.

3. Just remove the avatar option from the forum, and you will not have problems anymore (to the moderators).
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Dear All,

Every day, so much new member in this forum, and we realize maybe they not read the rules yet and off course they will/do some mistake without realize (like say thanks in words, transparant link, posting spam, etc), so if all moderator not remmembering them, all member will follow the mistake, and it willl make so much spam in this forum.

We realize too, there's "some people" really nott like this forum and try to make trouble and want to decrease the trustness of all member about quality of posting of this forum .

We don't care if "some member" sell our posting and get money from that.

Please try to make a discussion about civil engineering field, I am glad if you active to lead a discussion about that.
I know I am glad to share what I know in my experience to get feedback and correctly opinion from you.

About "Iron Hand - Moderator", sometimes we need that to reduce the spam, so all member can not act as free that they want.

But I believe all moderator not act like "a child" as your opinion, they just remembering you but maybe in poor english so you feel like "a negative response".

Ynopum, I am agree your opinion about language and religion. This forum use English and no problem about our religion.

Please, maybe we must instropection our selves first before we judge some body in this forum.

Actually, I am glad to share in this forum, do you ... ???


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