STAAD.Pro V8i (SS1)
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STAAD.Pro V8i (SS1)
STAAD.Pro V8i (SS1)

STAAD.Pro V8i SELECTseries 1 introduces several new enhancements in the analysis and design engine and enhancements to the RAM Connection and Piping Modes. This includes a nuclear design engine to the AISC N690:1984 code, additional UK and French National Annexes for the Eurocode 3 steel design module an updated Russian concrete design module and steel section databases and a Chinese Seismic Forces engine. The RAM Connection Mode has been redesigned to better operate with RAM Connection and use the RAM Connection v5.5 engine. The Piping mode has been enhanced with a new connection wizard to connect AutoPIPE models and thus rapidly transfer forces and complete designs.

[Image: 94750359556591972645.jpg]

Download Links:
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Content after Extracting the rar files (no password) :
- stpst20070623en.exe, 248 MB

Mirror Link:
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The medicine for previous version might work, if not, the program will be under trial period.
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You should not use older patch to STAAD.Pro V8i (SS1)
Simply do the procedure from REYNAND_D as follows,
"During installation fill uP the server name by :
site activation key: 0576FB23CAB9B54FB406000DD16C6AD3".

Do not apply any patch.

I am using Windows 7 64bits and it works well, except that this license version/release does not support advance analysis engine.
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After moving the clock forward for one year.

[Image: 81134290251352441408.gif]

After restoring as usual.
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Dear Colleagues,

Please Follow the step :


2.Bentley Select XM License Msnagement Tools

3.Go to - Tools

4.Product Activation Wizard


6.Input Site Activation Key : 0576FB23CAB9B54FB406000DD16C6AD3

7.Check list : Use last save email on check out

8.Input your email

9.Input your product version : 20 - 07 - 06 - 23


Your activation is complete...

But After I open EXAMP14.std, It some error and the message from Staadpro ask me to send email to them..


-DESCON Metric and English Still not active
-Staad Nuclear Still not active
-Staad World Wide Still not active
-Staad Pro Advance license Still not active

"Maybe this version only support on steel analysis not concrete"

Please give me your advice..


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1. Select the liscense management tool
2. Select all the files in the check in window, then click on check in...
3. You can find these files in check out window at the bottom. Now selct these files again and click on check out, a new window pops out asking for the version. Put as the version number.
4. By doing the above I have managed to get the activation upto 8/28/2010.

I have checked this by moving the clock ahead it will work till the above date. By that time we should be having a medicine for this.

screen shot of the activated STADD Pro...

[Image: 92588292522361736180.jpg]
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