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[Request] Architectural Drawings
Hello my fellow engineers,

I would like to request some architectural drawings for some highrise concrete/steel buildings.

I am a recent graduate from civil structural engineering program, so my friend and I want to work on some exercise project during our free time.

We want to model the drawings in SAP2000 or ETABs and then draw them on AutoCAD.

So, please post some architectural drawings of structure if you have any, thank you.
Hi there,

I believe this belongs into the requests section.
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Dear CivilEA Member,

I would like to request architectural drawings (Steel building or Steel tower) for my Thesis. There are many Reinforced Building here, but there is no steel building.

Every engineer write thesis about RC building, for me I would like to write about steel building. That's why I need the architectural drawings, then I'll start analyze and design the steel building or steel towers. I appreciate your valuable help.

Note: Building Size: around 40mx60m with 4 to 5 stories.
Any type of building is OK.

With regards,
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Poke around on the internet. It is easy to find open ftp sites for contractors etc. Try googling specific things you would find on a drawing. If you find a nice sheet, look at the address bar and delete until you get to the home directory.
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If you wish to design steel lattice towers - you can make your own structure as i've previously designed one for telecommunication purposes
you can use BS 8100 and its guide to help you in the design
concerning the base you can assume an allowable bearing capacity that's typical for your region
One advice - try to make the panel height similar to ease your calculations
you may use V, X or K bracing if you wish


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