Concrete books in spanish
Contends removed.
Non English books.
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Dear Uli09:
I felt happy of see books in my mother language, but there is a problem: in our Forum only We can post books on English.
Our friend Dell Brett had send a question to the Section Moderators for obtain a opinion about your Thread. I have a big respect about Dell Brett's opinion, but I think that about Posting language We need to be strict.
By respect to Dell Brett I am going to wait for the answer of the other moderators, but fodder that is due to be strict. My idea would be that You generate new Thread fit to rules of language within Forum, where indicates so that links that you're posting refer books in Spanish, with their English explanation. Only links, and please, in English.
If the decision of the majority is only admitting English Books (which is understood, because inside the Forum are at least more than 20 languages and at least more than 12 alphabets), moan to notify to You that your Post will be eliminated.
About your English level don't worry: Is very difficult to find a worse grammar that mine.
Hoping that You can understand our position, I present my regards
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The Spanish literature is very rich in concrete matters, usuallly with very good texts and tables.
I think that is better have it here than don't have it.

Please, think about to create a section for spanish books.

This is only a suggestion, and obviously I will agree with any decision about it, because you are doing a great job here!

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Chat not allowable, but more than be a answer, is be a consideration and a instruction for all members:

I just post this question in moderators inner forum, to re-open this discussion!
And, our conclusion is:

1- Our forum must be a English language forum with a English language posts!
2- If we open for a exception, to be correct and right with all, we need to open for all languages! And, this forum will change to a "Babel tower" and incomprehensible place!

I do agree that there´s a lot o excellent publication in Spanish, but, there´s a lot in German too, in French, in Farsi, in Portuguese... in... in...

So, even though we could lost some important posts, it´s necessary to keep our conduct line and follow our rules!
The forum is growing! And growing fast and strongly! Why not, in a near future, they have sons: - Spanish son, Persian son, Chinese son, German son... I think it´s not a dream!

My best regards and have all a nice weekend!

Dell Brett

(This post will be removed)
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firt of all sorry for my bad english, I respect your decision and I think you're right because we can't post in many sections with diferents languages, it would be a babel tower as dell brett said.. but I have a suggestion to open a new section for internacional books for books written in anothers languages like spanish, french, italian, etc. but with some rules, I agre with aonm when he said "My idea would be that You generate new Thread fit to rules of language within Forum, where indicates so that links that you're posting refer books in Spanish, with their English explanation. Only links, and please, in English."
I think everyone here have at least a little of knowledge about english we could post the information in english and only with links.. also there are many people of diferents countries in this forum and we can share a lot of information.
its only my opinion.
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The suggestion made by oann2000, it seems crazy not to give the explanation in excellent English, so the books are in Spanish

Engineer Jaime
jcoronellr, proud to be a member of Engineering Forum since Jan 2009.
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I do'nt realize why someone in this forum can't put notice about spanish (or in another language) technic books. Certainly, we must speak and write in this forum in english, but downloading a book or other technical information is a matter of an individual decision. I think the majority of us understands more than a unique language (the one's from birth) so, in my modest opinion, is benefitial for all of us to know and share information from other parts of the world.
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I think this section suggested by uli09, "International Literature" (or something like that), would be a very nice solution for this, at the same way as "non engineering software" section.

In fact, this will may be result in more power to Civilea.

Elsewhere, if its not possible for any reason in this moment, ok, let´s follow the forum rules!

Best Regards!
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International Literature (or something like that) maybe a good idea. The title must include the specification (xxxxxx language) and the description must be in english. The poster will translate the description in english and if someone want to read he will translate for himself from the original. The native language speakers will be happy and this will not disturb the forum activity. Every post in other language than english must be deleted by moderators and posts of documents without description in english must be deleted too.
If all will agree i propose to uli09 to translate and to send to one of the moderators of the book section for editing the post and to move it in the new section. If not the posts must be deleted.
1.Read the HELP and the Rules before posting.
2.Always post in the right thread.
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7.Don't use REPLY if no need, use New Reply.
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This is a copy of Private Message that i sent to jocoronellr:

Spanish books
To: jcoronellr
Dear Jaime,

I see your point in the Spanish book thread and be sure that we are working about it!
Nowadays we have o lot of problems with posting in English only, and we need to be prepared to open for others languages! Not only the description, but have conditions to analyze the contends too, and be able to link to others languages similarity!

Probably, the first think to do is a members consulting to know who can be a moderator in which language. Only after we have the minimal number of volunteers, we can think in changes!

Hope you understand this point and knows that is my point of view!


Dell Brett
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