Material Quantities
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Material Quantities
As a engineer or manager many times we have to estimate quantities (bill of material) at early stage (feasibility stage) of project. This is required by client to get an idea of capital cost of project for budget purpose. Client needs this to present the bank to get the loan for a particular project. This estimate is also important for us as engineers to give some how (+/- 15% ) cost of our discipline. All these quantities are based on our previous projects or thumb rules. If these quantities are close enough to real, it makes our position stronger in market.

I would like to discuss these MTO (material take off) with all you guys, so we can share our experience and achieve better results in future. Any of you have similar kind (multistory commercial/residential) of information, please share it.
I will start with my numbers.

1) Enclsed or partially enclosed process building (mining sector with multiple floors 60.0 ft high)

Structural Steel = 1.2 to 1.5 lb/ft^3 (Vol. of Building in ft^3)
Structural Concrete= .07 to .09 Cu. yd/ft^2 (GF Covered Area ft^2) (individual footing or pile cap for each column)

2). Reinforcement estimates

Pilecap= 170lb/Cu. yd
Pier = 140 lb/Cu.yd
Grade Beam = 160 lb/Cu.yd
Wall = 130lb/Cu.yd
Footing/Misc. Pads = 100 lb/Cu.yd
Slab on Grade = 60 lb/Cu.yd
Elevated Slab on Metal Deck = 85 lb/Cu.yd
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