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Hi all,
I have a drawing which is in feet-in. I need it in meters is there any option that cad does itself. I am not interested in alternate units. Because I need to convert and then import it to etabs. And if it has to be done manually how to do it.
Go to:

1. Menu: "Format\Dimension Style"
2. Select the scale to change
3. Select "modify" button
4. Select "Primarity units"
5. In "Unit format" change to "decimal"

That procedure only change the units scale of the dimension's line, but if the drawing is on feet or inch, you should to change the scale to meters of the draw:

1. Go to menu "Modify\Scale"
2. Select the drawing to change.
3. Enter the factor scale, if you change inch to meters use 0.0254, if you change feet to meters use 0.3048

Good luck
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