Feets & Inches
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Feets & Inches
Feets & Inches - Reference Drawings For Freshers.

[Image: 99443882511440929139.jpg]

[Image: info.png]
Here are few drawings that could be used as an reference for fresh comers from college to understand the concept and method of detailing after the analysis and design of an respective structure.

These are structural drawings for a 5 storied commercial building. I have uploaded all the drawings starting from the center line dwg to final stair case details. These are as enlisted below.

1. Center Line Drawing.
2. Excavation Layout.
3. Isolated Footing Details.
4. Combined Footing Details.
5. Column Reinforcement Details.
6. Beam Layout.
7. Beam Reinforcement Drawing
8. Slab Reinforcement Drawing.
9. Tie Beam Details.
10. Stair case Reinforcement Drawing.
11. Retaining Wall Reinforcement Drawing.

Additional Information:
- The design is based on IS 456 and SP 16.
- For Grade Of Concrete, refer the notes of each Drawing.
- Steel Grade - Fe 415.

[Image: Download.png]

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"A Smallest Good Deed Is Bigger Than Greatest Good Intention".

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hi Vinnu.
How are you.. I am jus the beginner in auto CAD and have few doubts.
1. Can you tell me how can we scale the objects accordingly in the model space and layout.
I am very confused when scaling objects. Let me tell you an example
I have a cross-section of a road at a scale of 1:500
and I need to copy the same cross-section into another dwg with a scale of 1:200 so how do we scale it to the required scale
Hope you understand my doubt.
expecting a reply from u soon
Never use paper-scaled units in the computer drawing. That means that it is much better to draw in meters, so one unit in the drawing is equal to one meter. It this case your scales are achieved using the viewports in the paperspace, or the scale factor when printing. And you will not have such problems like the one you mentioned.

In your case you should scale your drawing by the ratio 500/200 which is 2.5.

If you have used 1unit=1meter (ration 1000) and your printer is set to millimeters, then the scale for printing (or the scale of the viewport) is equal to: S=1000/M, where M is your scale number. For scale 1:500 the scale number is M=500; and for scale 1:200 the scale number M=200.
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dear all,

from my experience if you want to make scale in autocad, the first think that you must do is draw the drawing in mm unit. because if you are not so familiar with this it can be turn to difficult, but if you have experience in drawing in autocad it doesn't even matter if you draw in meter, ft, or so on. but in this case i think you should draw in the mm units way.

then after finishing drawing you want to print this object to paper scale. the easiest method for me are first, you need to draw a rectangular object with the size are the same with papers that you want to printed. second, you can use the SC command to scale the rectanguler object to spesific scale that you want, i.e : when your object is to large, the rectanguler-papers that you already created is very small, in this case you just use the SC command to scale this rectanguler to be 5 times or 10 times, according your need until this rectanguler cover all the entire area drawing that you want to be printed, you can move the rectanguler-object to fit the are that you want to printed.

after that, you can check the scale in print-preview command then use the fit object to paper option. now you can have the exact drawing scale. if you want to change the scale you just re-scale the rectanguler object firstly, than after that is the same with other step.
Draw in whatever unit you like in the model.
Then when you will print go to layout and open page setup menager and select modify.
A new window will be opened and at the scale you can convert the units ( if you used cm then write 10 mm =1 unit , if m then 100 mm=1unit)
Then return at the layout and create a viewport where you can select the scale you want.
Hope it will help you.Bye
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