Description of file quality for books, magazines, etc.
Can I suggest that when members upload links for books, magazines, etc. could they put a description of the quality of the file? Perhaps ADMIN could create a grading system for the quality of the file.

The proposed grading system for the files would be:

Grade A - Description: Clean digital copy of original, colored (if applicable), search function of pdf reader (for example..) works.

Grade B - Description: Scanned copy of original, clean with no or little scan lines, black and white copy, search function of pdf reader works.

Grade C - Description: Almost the same as Grade B; however, the search function of pdf reader does not work.

Grade D - Description: Scanned copy of original but with scan lines and the scan is not aligned perfectly.

Another suggestion would be that members who have downloaded the file would rate the file.

Just a suggestion to make this forum a better one.
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