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search engine
search engine

I think the search engine in the forum have little problem.
I attached the search result of "materials for engineering" book, so many pages came out but same title of the book is not in first page of the result.
Of course we will check only the first, second or up to third pages, so we thought that book is not yet posted.
You can check the screen shoot below. The book with same title was in the 5th page and the total pages of search result is 22 pages.
If the same title of the book you searching, it must come at least in the first page.
I hope admin can do something about this one if he have time.

[Image: rpmnv4b4o7rkmr918vv.jpg]
[Image: 08vht7y9j5on5mt1lqj1.jpg]
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sorry for delay in answer ( I prepare answer before but i forgot to post it)

yes, search engine seems not good, but it needs a professional person to edit it & we can`t.
but i try to improve it.

i did some change today, please test it again & see if improve or not.
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search engine now is better or not?
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Hi Admin,
I have made a few searches and it appears that the search engine has improved.
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Dear Reynand_d

Let me guide you

You can use the second option (search in titles only) in the search page, and you will get more relevant results.

This is not a defect in search, but the search criteria or algorithm is based on the latest post, i.e the most recent posts or posts to which most recently a reply has been made, are ranked first and so on........So try using the advanced options in the search page.
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Hi Admin,

thanks for your effort. It seems the search engine is performing better than previous and thats why I got some duplicated post (containting same book in differnt threads). I think you (all the moderators and protectors) people could see it already as I informed you.

I have one specific suggestion here. The search engine should search with case sensitive single words (not the whole name of thread), which is easy to find all relevant items, then we can short the things out accordingly. Sometimes, we fail to find out the items only using the single words relevant to the topics.

"Downstream is Weaker"
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