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[How To] Use Post Generator V1
POST GENERATOR help your posting be nice

Use :

1.Click "POSTGEN" button, on top your windows wall

[Image: bdqnpweyjrikew4h22w.jpg]

2.Fill the "Title", ex : Strut and Tie Modelling to New AS3600 Provisions
To fill cover, you must click "click to upload"

[Image: cbxsihnwcua593mt3x6.jpg]

3.Click "Browse" button to fill your pic (make it first in JPEG better after you cropp and compress the file to minimize Size)
and click "Start Uploading" button...wait for a second..

[Image: gladi9cot4nca748s11e.jpg]

4.Copy the address link in Direct Link and paste to cover

[[Image: ennvv1brpeu2149rav1y.jpg]

5.Fill Cover link from paste the link (from step #4) , Fill the Info and Fill the Download Link

[Image: ace84gco74kphef2wc4.jpg]

6.and clik "Generate"Button then copy

[Image: y7j2dperyh2h81bqdl.jpg]

7.Choose the right Section to posting your file
and Click "New Thread" Button on Right top

[Image: pbf95r7kkr6v8t0cg1e9.jpg]

8.FillThread Subject, Description
and Paste the words that you copy from CivilEa Post Generator (see Step#6)

[Image: kg0dqpb4yg5jhketgxr.jpg]

9.Finally, click "Post Thread" button on Left Bottom of your windows/wall

[Image: vjhoam5yot09331yzd.jpg]

Keep trying to post with the right way..This is the Forum Rules


its very nice to see when everything is organized so every members specially newbies are encouraged to use the post generator as illustrated by robertsas...
Responsibility = Liability
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